Herbal food compliments, made from pure plant & algae extracts, in a vegan capsules based upon the latest research in herbal medicine. They work as a catalyst to the Elemis Therapies, promoting vitality & cleansing the body.

How & why do the BEC look different to other capsules or tablets?

They are transparent, they aren’t compressed and they contain powdered herbs. ...Made up of a brown rice paper capsule with powdered seaweed & Chinese herbs, most capsules contain chalk & talc as a filler or binder.

The rice paper is easily broken down, as it is a food substance, leaving no toxic residue. Other tablets require a lot of breakdown & need acid production to do this. The active ingredients are easily absorbed into the body as they are in a powdered form. All BEC are suitable for Vegans, free from salt, fat, sugar, gluten & yeast.

Deep Drainage
- Black Radish - stimulates & eliminates toxins from the colon.
- Plantain seed - high source of fibre
- Parsley - diuretic & contains vitamins A, B complex, C & potassium (which reduces during menopause)

- Mildly sedates appetite
- Naturally detoxifies the body
- Cleanses all systems, especially the Lymphatic
- Improves sallow & congested skins
- Excellent for fluid retention

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Cal Metab Plus
- Laminara Algae (Kelp) - high in iodine to maintain thyroid to control metabolism
- lowers cholesterol levels
- rich with iron, zinc, magnesium & calcium
- Plantain seed - high source of fibre
- contains a mucus which swells up to give a feeling of full
- traditionally used for constipation
- Ascophyllum Algae - helps body to burn off fat during exercise

- Increase the body’s ability to burn off calories
- Regulates the thyroid
- Allows body to consume energy more efficiently
- Mildly sedates appetite
- Excellent in firming & toning