Elemis have some very delicious looking new skincare releases coming at you for August, and we've been getting a feel for them in recent weeks.
First up is the Hydra-Balance day cream, aimed at those with oily/combination skin that needs a skin refresh; the cream is formulated with that much-loved hyaluronic acid to constantly feed hydration in to the skin. The cream also helps to regulate oil, which means there's no slick look by lunchtime yet the complexion feels comfortably hydrated. 
We're yet to be disappointed by an Elemis release and this is no exception, the gorgeous texture melts in to the skin and instantly feels hydrating and soothing. 
It also feels a little like a primer once applied, smoothing over texture and acting as the perfect base for makeup. We likey. 

For the more parched complexions, there's the Hydra-Boost day cream - a softening, hydrating number that takes care of dry/dehydrated skin with a hyaluronic acid-laden formula. 
The cream helps to improve the skin's own moisture barrier, which allows the skin to hold in more moisture - so keep this up and your skin should see some improvement in the long-run too. 
The softly scented cream really is a dream to apply, it feels beautiful on the skin and really manages to revive a dull, lifeless complexion. 

Finally, there's a newly-released night cream thrown in for good measure. This little number is packed full of skin-loving anti-oxidants that help the skin to flourish while you snooze. 
The cream works uninterrupted to reduce the signs of fatigue while also improving the texture and condition of the skin - including dark circles and a dull complexion. 
It's a strange sight to see a night cream in a tube, but we're well on board with this stuff. It sinks in well and gives a whole new lease of life to a complexion in need. 
Like the Hydra-Boost cream, this also helps to improve the skin's own ability to retain moisture - which means your skin looks (and feels!) better in the long-run too.