Embark on a 7 day cosmetic journey and make light work for your skin’  

Looking to wipe the ‘slate’ clean?  Considering cosmetic surgery?  Gatineau’s dynamic duo can bridge the gap between cosmetic ingredients and medical ingredients and offer visible results in just 7 days! Introducing 2 new and highly innovative booster serums - Renew 7 Laser ‘a resurfacing serum’ and Renew 7 Detox an ‘intense detoxifying serum’. 



As we grow older, the underlying tissues of the skin break down and certain areas of the face become prone to deep wrinkles.  The skin becomes dull, as it is less able to protect itself from free radicals, and the surface looks uneven. Yet, the smoothness and radiance of your face are precisely what give it a youthful look. In fact cosmetic surgeons confirm that, in general, recovering a youthful appearance first involves filling out the wrinkles and resurfacing the skin.  Face-lifts are considered only afterwards.


Renew 7 Laser

Gatineau understands the needs of modern woman and their desire to regain a youthful complexion, restore radiance and smooth out wrinkles without recourse to face-freezing injections or fake fillers.  Laser therapy in general has become increasingly popular for its benefits to lines, wrinkles and pigmentation marks, - and now Gatineau have created a form of laser-therapy-in-a-bottle which exerts a powerful smoothing and resurfacing action in just 7 days. 


The ‘Resurfacing’ Recipe

Skin Destress a 100% vegetal seaweed extract (Matricaria Maritima) is very rich in trace elements and vitamins. It acts on the neuro-mediators which are receptors involved in muscle contraction and inhibits these receptors to reduce the fibre contractions which can cause expression lines.

Cell Renew (Laminaria Brown Seaweed extract), stimulates skin renewal at the epidermal stem cell level, increasing cell production and turnover. These new cells nestle into the crease of the wrinkle filling them in quickly. 

Sesame extract acts like an invisible veil offering a tightening effect on the surface of the skin

Hyaluronic Acid spheres – These hydrating droplets immediately infuse moisture to plump the skin from within

Results: The result is a smoother, softer, fresher, noticeably more glowing complexion with lines and wrinkles that are reduced in both depth and number.

In vitro tests show a muscle relaxing effect of:

After 5 minutes (-44%)

After 2 hours (-72%)

After 24 hours (-73%)

Renew 7 Laser is suitable for all skins from the age of about 40 years to improve texture and prevent deterioration, smooth crepiness, brighten dullness, improve tone and reduce lines and wrinkles.

How to use:  Apply morning and evening to a perfectly cleansed skin and follow with your usual daily moisturiser.  Use for 7 days and repeat the course 3 – 4 times a year. 


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