Waking up with puffy eyelids or dark under eye bags, can make you feel miserable and look old! Add to that deep creases and wrinkles and you could conclude you are having a ‘bad eye day’. But with Gatineau’s Melatogenine AOX Probiotics Advanced Rejuvenating Eye Concentrate, puffiness, dark circles and wrinkle furrows are a thing of the past. This new breed of eye product has been developed first and foremost for its high performance in Gatineau’s professional anti-ageing facials and is super-concentrated and expertly formulated to promote a youthful appearance.


Crow’s feet or laughter lines, appear when the skin loses collagen and Hyaluronic Acid (acceleratedby free radical damage) and one thing’s for sure those of us who have them don’t find them funny. The skin around the eyes is up to 10 times as thin as the rest of the face so it can be the first area to show signs of ageing.


The secret to its success is its triple defense system of ‘MélatogénineTM’ a patented youth molecule combinedwith powerful ‘Antioxidants’ and ‘Probiotics’ which work in synergy to provide maximum protection against the environmental aggressions whilst effectively slowing cellular damage, stimulating circulation, and healthy cell renewal.


With added Hyaluronic Acid, often referred as the ‘fountain of youth’ because of its amazing abilityto retain over a 1000 times its own weight in water within the cells of skin, making it a powerfulmoisturiser and stimulate the production of collagen in skin for a plumped and smooth complexion.Plus Prickly Pear Extract which provides a very gentle yet effective micro-exfoliation on the surface of the skin to smooth out wrinkles.


Ideal for use from the age of 35 years old, this super concentrated anti-ageing eye serum is a dailyroutine ‘must-have’ and should be used morning and evening after cleansing. With its ultra light texture it literally melts into the skin and leaves the eye contour smooth, radiant and refreshed.


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