Gatineau is acknowledged by industry experts for its expertise and use of cutting-edge technology. They combine science and nature to achieve the very best results for your skin, harnessing both natural extracts and innovative biotechnology to create premium beauty.


1. Melatogenine

Melatogenine AOX Probiotics is Gatineau's latest skincare breakthrough. Each product is packed with antioxidants and probiotics and helps protect your skin from environmental stress, counteracts the visible signs of ageing and boosts your skin's natural radiance.

Is it for me?

Perfect for those who are concerned with wrinkles, fine lines and expression lines or if your skin looks prematurely aged and lacks vitality.

Target age: 30+

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2. Age Benefit

This 360 degree approach to ageing targets the main signs of skin ageing - wrinkles, loss of firmness, lack of radiance, uneven skin texture, dehydration and pigmentation.

Is it for me?

Age Benefit skincare is ideal for those with a number of ageing concerns. It works simultaneously to help smooth skin, even out the complexion and restore radiance.

Target age: 40+

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3. DefiLift 3D

Designed to promote a youthful appearance, this is Gatineau's high-performance solution to instantly lift, firm and refine the contours of your skin.

Is it for me?

Choose DefiLift if your skin has lost its firmness and definition - perfect after significant weight loss or pregnancy.

Target age: 40+

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4. Activ Eclat

Activ Eclat skincare is rich in powerful anti-oxidants and vitamins to help restore lasting radiance and eliminate traces of fatigue for a visibly glowing complexion.

Is it for me?

If your skin is looking dull, tired and lacklustre, give it a boost with Activ Eclat. It's also perfect for those exposed to external aggressors, such as tobacco, alcohol and pollution.

Target age: all ages

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5. Aquamemory

Enriched with anti-pollution plant actives, the Aquamemory range soothes, comforts and intensively moisturises dehydrated skin. Each product boasts a light, pleasurable refreshing texture and a gentle floral fragrance to instantly comfort your complexion.

Is it for me?

Aquamemory is suitable for those who suffer from dry, tight and dehydrated skin.

Target age: 20+

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