Is your skin crêpe, crinkly, line-prone and parched after the long drawn out winter? When skin loses water, it becomes as dry as an autumn leaf - and just as prone to premature ageing. Adding oil gives slip, but it’s not the answer. Skin needs moisture, not oil, pumped directly into the cells.


FACT: Young, healthy, properly hydrated skin contains 70% moisture - around two-thirds inside the skin cell and one-third on the skin’s surface. This balance is regulated but with age and dryness the balance can be disrupted and the intercellular pump (which automatically transfers ‘free water’ from between the tissues into the actual cells) does not work as energetically as it used to. 

WHAT HAPPENS: As this action slows, cell membranes lose suppleness and permeability, moisture no longer filters through with the same efficiency, and skin gets dry and tight. 

RESULT: Skin needs a miracle. Or at least a miracle cure. Introducing Gatineau’s Aquamemory Moisture Replenish Concentrate.


This intensifying hydration gel literally helps skin cells to moisturise themselves. Rich in skin-energising minerals and super-hydrating sugars, Aquamemory Moisture Replenish Concentrate provides plumped-up, more comfortable, and supple skin in minutes. Its secret ingredient is an ‘Exclusive Osmaporine Technology’ comprising of Sea Fennel Extract, a coastal plant rich in energising minerals and Platymonas Extract, a micro-algae containing essential sugars with a mega-hydrating action. Also contained is a powerful Anti-oxidant Complex to protect against free radicals and Hyaluronic Acid (a biological sponge capable of retaining over 1000 times its volume in water).

A single dose of this powerful concentrate is enough to increase the skin’s capacity to retain water within minutes. Recommended for topping up any moisturising regime for dry, dehydrated and ageing skin, it is also ideal as a short-term hydration programme for combination and oily skin which can also lack moisture (as opposed to oil), especially in winter.



A skin intelligent formula which instantly improves hydration levels and preserves the skin’s beauty. Provides immediate relief to thirsty skin leaving it supple and smooth. With a refreshing action it soothes and calms and your skin’s well-being remains for longer.



Osmaporine Technology™ - re-establishes the osmotic balance and facilitates hydration levels

Pure Hyaluronic Acid – provides an immediate hydrating action 

Brown Algae Extract rich in Trace Elements – protects and restructures the hydrolipidic film whilst improving cellular cohesion 

Anti-oxidant Complex – boosts the skin’s natural defences and protects against free radicals


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