Gatineau ACTIV ECLAT Flash Radiance - Naturally radiant

Commute, work, sleep…in addition to the hazards of daily life, there are the repeated attacks of a polluted environment or fatigue related to stress, age or lifestyle.

Asphyxiated, devitalised and dehydrated, the skin becomes dull and loses its natural glow. The signs of fatigue are more visible.


Do you dream of recovering smooth and radiant skin, gently reducing the signs of fatigue and revealing a fresh and bright complexion, beautifully rosy, like when you come back from a walk in the fresh air or from a week’s holidays?


Remarkably effective, this serum offers a specific answer to active women’s problems of radiance, whatever their skin type.


To wake up sleepy skin…and revive its radiance, ACTIV ECLAT™ FLASH RADIANCE works in two stages:



Anti-fatigue action

’’Skin beautifying’’ effect

The Pea Extract (an active ingredient of plant origin) is simply “magic’’: it instantly smoothes out the features and refines skin tone...



Radiance & antioxidant action

Deep down energizing & brightening effect


The exclusive Radiance Complex (Vitamin C, extracted notably from Sicilian oranges + spelt wheat peptide, a primitive form of wheat that’s particularly resistant) protects the skin from oxidation and free radicals, by stimulating the production of antioxidant enzymes.

A Cocktail of Vitamins, combined with trace elements, (plant coral) stimulate the skin’s energy.

The Moisturizing Complex (Hyaluronic acid) provides an ideal hydration level (proper moisturisation being one of the key factors in the skin’s radiance).

The Emollient Complex (Shea Butter & Sweet Almond Oil) nourishes and protects the skin.

Allantoin soothes & softens it.



The skin appears to be “awakened’’ and the face seems more rested.

With the passing days, the complexion is brightened. More transparent, it reflects the light better.

The skin gradually regains its tone and energy. It is radiantly healthy!


Application tips

ACTIV ECLAT FLASH RADIANCE is to be used as a treatment at least twice a year or as soon as the skin shows signs of losing its radiance:

A few drops of this revitalizing serum are enough to give the skin back the “punch’’ of an epidermis that’s on top form.

Morning and/or evening, apply it in the same way as any concentrate, under your usual cream.

For an immediately reinforced anti-fatigue and beautifying action, apply it over your cream.

For even more “radiance effectiveness’’, combine it with the ACTIV ECLATRADIANCE ENERGIZING CREAM.

Its delicate citrus fragrance stimulates your energy and your senses, while its airy texture instantly penetrates the epidermis and allows you to put your make-up on, shortly after application...


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