The universal high tolerance cleanser

Young night owls, overextended mothers, active fifty-somethings, women or men, this universal high tolerance cleanser is for everyone…

Whether you’re traditional (cleansing milk + toner), perfectionist (water-activated foaming gel), sophisticated (cleansing oil), natural (soap + water) or completely carefree (makeup removal one time out of three)…GATINEAU’s GENTLE MICELLAR WATER will finally win you over to this skincare step that is indispensable to the beauty of the skin.

Simplify your life with a 3-in-1 product



-          Face, eyes and lips are perfectly cleansed.

-          Fresh, smooth and radiant, the skin breathes with well-being. It is ideal for use with other daily skincare treatments.



-          Ophthalmologically tested. 

-          Fragrance, alcohol and dye-free, with no added parabens or silicones, GATINEAU’s GENTLE MICELLAR WATER offers optimum tolerance to the most sensitive skin. It is also suitable for use on the particularly delicate skin around the eyes.

-          Its ultra-gentle formula maintains the skin’s balance and decreases stress without altering the skin’s natural hydrolipidic film.


“3-IN-1” USE

With GENTLE MICELLAR WATER™, the make-up removal ritual is easier, faster and even more enjoyable! One treatment to cleanse the face, eyes and lips, all at the same time. 

Ideal for the very busy, who no longer have any excuse for not removing make-up, and practical for the weekend or travel.



It is suitable for all skin types and all consumers of any age or gender, whether wearing make-up or not.


A Closer Look at Surface-active Agents

A key ingredient in numerous cosmetic products and indispensable to all cleansing formulas, they disperse oil in water in addition to stabilizing emulsions


Micellar Technology:

How Does it Work?


The GATINEAU Laboratories carefully selected gentle surface-active agents. In a solution of water at a specific concentration, they organize into micelles (invisible micro-drops).


Immersed in an aqueous environment, micelles turn outward, their hydrophilic heads more receptive to the environment, while their lipophilic tails turn inward, capturing oil, make-up and impurities, leaving the skin perfectly clean.


Recommended Use

-          Morning and/or night, soak cotton wool with Gentle Micellar Water to cleanse and/or remove make-up from the face, eyes, lips and neck.

-          Apply gently.

-          Re-apply until the cotton wool is clean.

-          Do not rinse.


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