The step by step to the perfect evening in:

• Light some candles and dim the lights

• Put on some soothing tunes

• Run a nice hot bath

• Cleanse your face and neck with Gatineau Refreshing Cleansing cream ensuring you get a really good lather to remove all the residues of the day


• Apply Gatineau’s Exfoliating Body Gel to your body and massage in circular movements paying special attention to your the back (if you can’t reach use a long handled brush) elbows, knees and feet

• Lay back and relax in the bath for 30 minutes

• Dry off and apply our Intense Nourishing Body Lotion to the body and massage in until absorbed. (don’t forget your feet)

• Wrap yourself in a dressing gown and pop a head band on. It’s time to treat your face

• Start with an intense exfoliation to rid the skin of dead skin cells. Apply our Anti-ageing Gommage in a thick layer to the face, neck and lips and watch it sink into the skin. After about 30 minutes you should be able to peel this exfoliator off just like a second skin. Rinse any excess and tone the skin with Gatineau’s Gentle Silk Toner. The skin should feel exceptionally soft, smooth and look radiant. or

• Time to treat the eyes: Open a pack of Collagen Compresses and apply one compress underneath and close to each eye. Don’t forget to use all of the collagen solution and apply to the lids and crows’ feet.

• On to the lips and now you can smear a thick layer of Defi Lift Perfect Design Lip Care and over and around the lips.

• Saving the best till last – apply a thick layer of our award-winning Melatogenine FuturPlus Anti-wrinkle Radiance Mask to the face, neck and back of the hands and lie back and relax.

• Switch on your girly flick and enjoy!

• Remove the collagen compresses and rinse the excess mask away – finish your relaxing evening by applying a pipette of Age Benefit Night Elixir and your chosen night cream and drift off into a sound sleep.

The perfect mid week pick me up!