Get Perfected Radiant Skin with Guerlain Meteorites


Step 1 - Moisturise

Guerlain Meteorites Oxygen Care makes skin softer, even-toned and instantly revived.

Use in the morning and / or evening for beautiful radiant looking skin

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Step 2 - Prime

Enhance radiance of the skin and increase the longevity of your makeup with the Perfecting Prime

Guerlain Meteorites Perfecting Prime rrases imperfection and smoothes skin - apply before makeup.

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Step 3 - Unify

Guerlain Baby Glow is a light-revealing sheer foundation to plump and refresh the skin giving a perfected, radiant look.

Apply Guerlain Meteorites Baby Glow after Meteorites Perfecting Prime

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Step 4 - Illuminate

Guerlain Meteorites Perles are beautiful damound dust powder balls that correct skin tone and create radiance.

Apply Meteorites Perles with a brush, after foundation

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