Guerlain Terra Ora Sculpting Powder & Contrast Highlighter is described as a “plearly white gold” and “matte beige.” The center shade is a lightened gold with warm, yellowy undertones and a frosted shimmer. The outer ring is a light-medium orange tan with a satiny sheen–it didn’t look quite matte to me, even after trying to brush away at it. 

Composed of a pearly white gold and matte beige which highlight and sculpt the face and décolleté. The signature “G” embossed into the Terra Ora bronzer.

I applied the center shade as a highlighter on the top of my cheekbone, while then applying the bronzer shade below the cheekbone and slightly below to contour. The highlighter is very similar to my skin tone, but it seemed to be true-to-pan in color though slightly translucent. The bronzing shade had good color payoff and applied smoothly on the skin. Both shades had a soft, velvety feel with a finely-milled texture that made it easy to blend the powder on the skin. I noticed a very, very slight emphasis of the skin’s natural texture with the highlighter shade. Terra Ora wore well for seven and a half hours, and after eight, there was a little fading. The powder comes in a wooden compact with a magnetic closure, and it has a powdery, floral scent that’s moderate in strength.

Summer beauty isn’t complete until I have swooned over a new Guerlain seasonal collection. Always beautiful, nobody plays with gold like Guerlain. This summer, the new Guerlain Terra Ora Collection highlights white and gold tones to maximizing radiance and enhance the inherent beauty of sun-kissed skin.

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