How to never look tired again…


Have you ever had one of those mornings when you wake up, trudge to the mirror – and wonder where your eyes went? Of course you have. Even supermodels have days when their eyes are piggy, red, puffy and shadowed. So we stole the secrets of professional make up artists and came up with the step-by-step guide to looking wide awake. Even when you’re really not…


1. Tap: Spend two minutes tapping around the eye area in a light, pitter-patter motion to dispel the fluid that can pool in tissues and cause puffiness. Start at the inner corner and work your way to the outer one, following the curve of the bone. Do the same above the eye, using the brow bone as your marker.


2. Cool: Keep two teaspoons in the freezer for emergencies. Press onto tired, puffy eyes upon waking to reduce puffiness further and bring those peepers back into the limelight.


3. Counter: Choose a peach concealer to first counteract the blue tinge of dark circles. Then mix a small amount of loose powder into a liquid concealer that matches your skin tone and pat it on using your finger for the most natural result.


4. Lift: When another eight hours kip isn’t an option, create the illusion with an instant brow lift. Using a brow pencil in a shade that’s a tiny bit fairer than your natural hair colour, apply it in soft, feathery motions, focusing on the top of the arch. Blend some of your concealer mixture beneath the arch to exaggerate the curve and lend your eyes the look of being full of beans.


5. Open: Lining the entire rim of the lash line will only make eyes look smaller. So when make up artists need to make partied-out models look rested, they apply liner to the outer corner and stop when they draw level with the pupil to create the illusion of a wide-eyed look.


6. Brighten: Just like red lipstick with a blue undertone can make teeth look whiter, so too mascara with an indigo tint can brighten lacklustre eyes. If blue mascara seems like a leap, you can always layer it over your regular black mascara for a more subtle finish.


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