How to Beat the Summer Skin Blues

Skin goes through a lot of changes when the weather starts to heat up so in order to compensate for this, it is imprtant that our summer skincare regimen is adjusted. The two main summer concerns that we find are:

  • Increased spots and breakouts: Higher temperatures and humidity increase the level of sebum production so skin feels shiny and in need of deeper cleansing. Add to this additional sun care products, sweat and makeup and it is easy to see how skin gets more congested.
  • Increased dehydration: Intense heat, air travel, sun exposure and air conditioning all cause increased trans-epidermal water loss, which leads to tight, uncomfortable and more sensitive skin.

Both changes to the skin are easy to mitigate with a couple of clever products. Please see below for suggestions on summer holiday survival!



Fight breakouts with Correct and Perfect Serum, a gentle antibacterial and soothing gel that reduces the appearance of spots, decongests pores and reduces sebum. Hydrate daily with Age Defence Hydrator SPF 15 for a one-step product that mattifies the skin while retaining essential moisture that is ideal for normal / combination skin. Don’t forget Vitamin C Radiance Mask to absorb shine and refine those pores!

Vitage Age Defence Hydrating Mask is the must-have hydration product from Vitage. This mask repairs an impaired barrier function and drenches the skin with moisture without feeling greasy. It is ideal as an after-sun treatment or to massage in and leave on overnight.



Clear and refine with this twice-weekly ritual: deep cleanse with Pore Refining Scrub for dual action exfoliation followed by the clayMask to absorb oily shine and reduce the appearance of pores. Treat individual breakouts with beta Gel™ to soothe and fight the bacteria that leads to inflammation.

To boost hydration it has to be Hydr8 B5 with hyaluronic Acid and panthenol, followed by Hydrate 360 SPF 15 or Hydrate 360 SPF 30 to give protection against free radicals, sun exposure and glycation in one simple product.



Perfection Facial Gel is ideal for clients who suffer more with breakouts during the summer as it has a gel formula with a Lactic Acid content that hydrates as well as exfoliates the skin. For breakouts that result in pigmentation Even Tones is ideal as it fights dark spots at the source, reducing inflammation and combining retinol and Lactic Acid to keep breakouts at bay. It is also safe to use during the day due to its powerful antioxidant: Idebenone.

For the deepest daily hydration use corrective Moisturising Facial Cream that increases hydration by 231% over an 8 hour period!



Finally our ultimate soothing and restorative line: Revaléskin. Ideal for dehydrated skins that become sensitised in the summer. Combine Hydralift to keep skin volumised and hydrated with the protecting qualities of Natural Defence SPF 25 for a simple two-step routine that rejuvenates and protects.