Almost into the light of spring! Typically skin is looking tired and in need of pepping up around March time, so make brightening and energising your focus this month to get yourself feeling like spring has sprung (even if the weather still has to catch up!).

Dull skin needs two things: gentle exfoliation to remove dead cells and energising ingredients to brighten and give back its natural bloom. Interestingly it is antioxidant ingredients that provide us with brilliant energising effects and because antioxidants also act as anti-inflammatories, these ingredients are suitable even if your skin has been left sensitive by the colder weather.


Below are some products to brighten up tired skin:



You cannot talk about brightening without mentioning CoffeeBerry®. This powerful botanical active is packed with polyphenol antioxidants and has clinically proven results for skin brightening as well as hyperpigmentation, redness and irritation reduction. Illuminesse Brightening Complex is a must-have quick fix for tired, dull skin. Skin Firming Serum energises and firms whilst its natural salicylic ingredient, White Willow Bark, exfoliates. Replenishing Eye Therapy is ideal for dark circles and tired eyes as well as lifting and firming the skin. Night Cream is the go-to product in this range with 1% CoffeeBerry® plus Grapefruit AHA to brighten and rejuvenate the complexion overnight.


Medik8® Vitamin C Range

With a formula to suit all skin types, these clinical Vitamin C products are ideal to support your clinical procedures or to boost results for a range of skin conditions such as photo-damage and hyperpigmentation. Great to use every morning for daily environmental protection and brightening.

C-Tetra and CE Tetra: Containing 3% and 7% Vitamin C Ester respectively, these jojoba oil-based formulas are powerful yet extremely gentle. Due to the lipid formula, there is no low pH usually associated with Vitamin C products and they can therefore be used on more sensitive skins. Their unique rechargeable Vitamin C system makes these formulas very stable and efficacious.

CE-Thione: A 15% L-Ascorbic Acid formula that is made uber stable with the addition of Vitamin E and Glutathione. It is ideal for maximum collagen deposition and its water-based formula is favoured by clients with oilier skins.


Vitage® Vitamin C Range

Our go-to professional range is easy to use and gives multiple benefits in every product. Vitamin C Radiance Serum is an instant fix for dull, tired skin as it combines encapsulated Vitamin C to energise the complexion, plus Argantensyl to firm and tighten the skin. Superb on the décolleté and neck for an instant lift. Vitamin C Radiance Mask balances and energises and is a great product to brighten whenever your client is having a bad skin day (or night!). With Stabilised Vitamin C, Kaolin and Almond oil, it refines pores, deeply hydrates and restores radiance.

Vitage® Colour Minerals produces instant light reflection and radiance so it can be used to instantly brighten and infuse. Try Natural Daily Perfector to even out skin tone and Natural Skin Glow in Vitality to give a youthful glow that is natural and elegant.