Miranda Kerr is queen of the barely-there look, but we know the secret to her success...


Mirand Kerr's fresh faced makeup is not only becoming a trend, but it's a look that'll never go out of style. So naturally, we all want it.

Yes, despite being 30 she is indeed blessed with the skin of a baby's bum. Which helps. But even if you're slightly more weathered than the lovely Miranda, you can still easily recreate the look.

First step? Skincare. Clear skin is going to help you make this look more natural, so make sure you thoroughly cleanse and tone, before hydrating your skin with a smoothing moisturiser. Radiance boosters are great here too, and we're loving Elemis Flash Balm at the moment. 


If you're suffering from a break out or have uneven skin tone, use a primer next. The bareMinerals Prime Time Foundation Primer is lovely, though if you're particularly red or oily it's worth shopping around for a specific corrective primer.

Then, it's time for foundation and concealer. Getting your shade right is crucial, so make sure you've colour matched before you start. If you struggle with blending your concealer apply that first, under your eyes (where dark circles normally live) and over any blemishes. Blend into your skin as much as possible, then apply your foundation only where its needed.

TIP: If your concealer colour looks a little off, go over it lightly with your foundation to help hide the tell-tale signs. Using a foundation sponge can also help you work the product into the skin, for a 'no-makeup' finish.

Dust your face with a little translucent powder to set your base. Then move onto blush, lips and eyes.

To boost her glow, Miranda wears a rosy pink blush on the apples of her cheeks. Keep it light however, to avoid that sugarplum fairy effect.

Groom your brows with a clear brow gel or mascara (and fill in any gaping holes with a powder or pencil), curl your eyelashes, and then slick on some mascara. Black will help give your eyes more definition, but if you want to keep it more natural try a shade of brown.

Then you're ready to finish off with lips. We'd suggest a tinted lip balm, but you could opt for a lip stain for a matt effect, or gloss it up if you're going for pared-down glamour.

And there you have yourself a Miranda Kerr inspired fresh-faced look! What do you think? Trying this?