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MATIS professional skin care has been dedicated to the professional beauty industry for over 70 years. Matis Paris is a comprehensive, elegant and professional skin care brand with a strong Parisian heritage and international appeal. Matis excels in the professional beauty environment. Its unique treatment techniques, the method, treatment protocols and products have made the brand a true reference in the beauty salon world.


Matis skin care beauty products have been available for many years from Beauty Fresh. Please visit our Matis page for the full range of products.  


Do you know the MATIS PARIS product range?

Reponse Jeunesse

Matis Reponse Jeunesse is a preventive anti–aging line that helps preserve and prolong the skins youth potential. Memories of the best times surround us when we allow ourselves to think back to those wonderful experiences in our youth. The French term Jeunesse refers to the time of our lives when we are young. With this in mind, the MATIS Jeunesse product line recalls the days of youth and allows us to relive them with the help of skincare remedies that are full of antioxidants and anti-aging ingredients. These healthful, rejuvenating cleansers, lotions, balms, and beauty creams work hard to give your skin the boost it needs, leaving it fresh, soft, smooth, and radiant.

Reponse Corrective 

As we age, our skin takes on new qualities than earlier in our lifetime. Some of these qualities may be favourable, such as a reduction in acne breakouts and clearer skin in general. However, the most common complaint about maturing skin is certainly the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and other signs of aging. High quality skincare products like those in the MATIS Corrective lineup help to repair and diminish these lines and wrinkles, giving you more confidence when it comes to your appearance.

Matis Reponse Corrective is a range of products that correct expression lines and signs of ageing, for all women in search of a cosmetic response that treats expression lines for visible results. Response Corrective acts on 3 levels, with high performance, innovative active ingredients: relaxation of the muscles involved in the appearance of wrinkles filling of wrinkle creases restructuring the skin.


Reponse Premium 

Caviar, a legendary active ingredients for an exceptional product line. Appreciated for all its many qualities, it is an indispensable beauty ally, the height of all elegance for all women over the age of 30 seeking sophistication. Extremely rich in nutritive elements, Caviar extracts helps revitalise cell renewal, helps boost and replenish the skins minerals. High performance, luxury and refinement, a perfect combination, a full line offering daily products that are little cosmetic gems with beneficial properties for the skin.


Reponse Delicate

Having sensitive skin is never easy. It can be difficult to find the right skincare products, namely ones that won’t irritate your skin. Delicate skin or skin that is battling an underlying issue can truly benefit from specialized remedies and their effective, active ingredients. Skincare products made especially for delicate, sensitive skin are carefully formulated and designed to be gentle yet effective at treating the skin issue at hand. The lineup of MATIS Delicate products includes a lotion, cleansing cream, a soothing serum, and a daily skin treatment. These products can help to alleviate redness while softening dry skin and soothing sensitive skin.

Matis Reponse Delicate is a specific line of moisturising* and nourishing skincare products for all sensitised or reactive skin, for women who want to soothe and care for their delicate skin. * the superficial layers of the epidermis.


Reponse Intensive

Matis Reponse Intensive is a range for women who want to see results. The active ingredients and technical formulas give scientifically proven results.


Reponse Purete

An innovative skincare line for combination and oily skin, for all women and men who wish to restore healthiness to their skin and correct small imperfections.


Reponse Vitalite

Dedicated to tired skin lacking radiance and in need of regeneration, for all women and men who lead busy lives and whose skin is subjected daily to stress, pollution, climatic variations and the stress of everyday life.

Reponse Yeux

A complete line designed to care for the eye area by visibly reducing wrinkles, puffiness and dark circles, for all women and men who want to wipe away signs of fatigue or ageing, which are often visible around the eyes, and restore a sparkle to their eyes.

Our faces have many features that cannot be treated as a single entity. Our skin has different needs around the eyes and lips as compared to our cheeks, forehead, and chin. The eye area tends to be quite delicate and sensitive while the lips often require added moisture to remain soft, smooth, and kissable. For these reasons, adding an eye treatment or a lip product into your skincare routing can often produce dramatic results. The MATIS Yeux product collection contains a number of ingredients that are specifically designed for the eyes (les yeux, in the French language) and a few that also treat the lips.

Reponse Homme

Concentrated with active ingredients, the formulas of each product were specially designed for men’s skin, which is thicker and more sensitive.


Reponse Corps


A line specially designed for the body, with three objectives, beauty, tone and slimming. For all those who want to care for their bodies, using high-performance products with delicate fragrances and delightful textures.


Reponse Soleil


Reponse Soleil is a prestige line that offers adapted responses to sun exposure