I now want to share my impressions of Guerlain Meteorites Perles, which is a powder in bead form, of the Meteorites Voyage pressed powder compact and the Guerlain Meteorites Brush. Guerlain Meteorites Perles has long since become a cult make-up product. Each limited edition is an object of desire for collectors; but we shouldn't forget that there is also a permanent range, in which there are three shades. Here I present a few facts from the product's history, which I found interesting.

LES MÉTÉORITES, the story of a legend. A loose powder in the form of multi-coloured beads - or pearls - with the company's violet fragrance first appeared in 1987. It all began when Guerlain's experts decided to employ light technology borrowed from photography and cinematography. As it passes through a prism, a white light beam breaks up into a spectrum of various colours. The reverse is also true: combining different colours recreates the ideal light, capable of hiding imperfections and softening the facial features.

In observing that colours added together neutralise one another, Guerlain had uncovered the secret for achieving the ideal complexion. Each coloured pearl has its own particular role: pink lends freshness, green hides redness, white clarifies, lilac reflects the light, while golden/mother-of-pearl beads surround the face with a harmonious, radiant glow. In its time, this product revolutionised the world of colour cosmetics. Since there had never been anything like it on the market before, a special device was developed to manufacture it. The creators of Meteorites adopted an existing concept from pharmaceutical production, creating a machine similar to those used for making tablets… Talc, pigments and water are blended in a cylindrical machine with a slow, steady rotating motion.

But this mechanism has its limits, and the human hand has proved indispensable for ensuring that the pearls turn out smooth and uniform, not very big and not too small. First the required quantity of pearls in each colour is weighed meticulously, and then each pot is filled by hand. Meteorites were launched in 1987. Since then, both famous and obscure brands have copied and imitated Les Météorites, and continue to do.