Top 10 tips to spring into healthy, revived skin!

Goodbye to the cold, dreary days of winter, and hello to the warm, fresh days of spring! Although you may be ready for spring, is your skin? Winter may have taken its toll, leaving skin dull, dehydrated and stressed; turn to PRIORI®’s tips to spring into healthy, revived skin that glows like fresh morning dew on the bright new flowers of spring!


1. Total Topical Anti-Aging Protection!
Year-round use of sunscreens is key to maintaining youthful skin! Kick your protection up a notch with PRIORI® sunscreens, which contain antioxidants to provide Total Topical Anti-Aging Protection and are recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation!


2. Exfoliate
Winter’s buildup of the stratum corneum (the dead, outermost skin cell layer) can make the skin appear blotchy and uneven. Exfoliate winter skin away with Advanced AHA Invigorating Face & Body Scrub to remove dead skin cells and to spring into smoother skin.


3. Hydrate from Within
Great skin starts within! Hydrated skin is healthy skin and is the first step to avoiding dehydration, fine lines and wrinkles. Be sure to get enough hydration daily for dewy spring skin.


4. Replenish
Stressed winter skin may need extra attention. Treat skin weekly with Advanced AHA Replenishing Masque to repair, replenish and restore it, giving it a kick start into spring!


5. Brighten
Brighter skin is in order for the brighter spring days! Idebenone Complex Even Tones and CoffeeBerry® Brightening Facial Complex have remarkable brightening effects on skin, lightening stubborn brown spots.


6. DNA Repair
Give skin a boost this spring with Cellular Recovery Serum. With specialized, unique DNA Repair Enzymes, daily use will help reverse signs of DNA damage, revealing fresher-looking spring skin even faster!


7. Fake It!
Don’t be a victim of tanning! Top off your spring look with a CoffeeBerry® Perfecting Minerals foundation of your choice for skin that looks as if it has been perfectly kissed by the sun! Apply Perfecting Foundation to the body by mixing it with a PRIORI® Body Lotion for a dewy spring glow without the damage, plus brush-on SPF 25 and free radical protection!


8. Hydrate
A body moisturizer, such as Advanced AHA Hand & Body Revitalizing Lotion, which contains AHAs, can plump dry winter skin, helping it to instantly appear less wrinkled for a skin-revealing spring wardrobe!


9. Bikini Body Prep
Add clinically proven CoffeeBerry® Body Shaping Complex to your spring skincare regimen to help improve skin tone, promote smoother body contours, and soften the skin. This must-have spring product is perfect for problem-prone areas, such hips, thighs and abdomen, or any other area where cellulite is a concern. Clinical studies showed a reduction in size of thighs when used regularly over a 4-week period, making spring the ideal time to start using Body Shaping Complex to prep for bikini season!


10. Eat Your Skincare
Supplement spring skin with essential nutrients to help give radiant topical results. Full of antioxidants, PRIORI® Dietary Supplements are a spring secret weapon for combating external damage that winter free radicals may have left behind.