Tanning is out and healthy, beautiful skin is in! Summer is here, and hopefully you’ve been diligent about protecting your skin and wearing SPF daily. Keeping your skin protected helps keep it beautiful for summer skin-baring attire! Enhance and highlight the beauty of your skin with a summer glow from head to toe with CoffeeBerry® Perfecting Minerals. Believe it or not, they are NOT just for the face!

CoffeeBerry® Perfecting Foundation certainly isn’t your average mineral foundation!Clinically proven to improve the skin, Perfecting Minerals are the first and only 100% natural mineral collection infused with CoffeeBerry® extract to provide the most potent natural antioxidant protection and exceptional cosmeceutical grade anti-aging benefits. We’ve also found numerous other beautiful uses for Perfecting Minerals that are just the thing for a summer glow to go with your summer attire!


Skin Enhancer/BronzerSun Kissed is an absolute must for summer beauty! It can be used all over as a sunless tanner by combining it with any of the PRIORI® body lotions for a warm summer glow. This combination has rock-solid staying power, yet washes off easily. Unlike self-tanners, you can see where you are applying it, making a smooth, even application absolutely effortless!


If a lighter shade is desired, ANY of the 6 Perfecting Foundations, as well as the Perfecting Concealer, can be used in this recipe for beautiful, glowing skin plus SPF 25 protection..


Eye Shadow: Compliment that warm glowing skin with your very own customized Perfecting Minerals eye shadow. You’re the boss here when it comes to the color – at least 23 different shade combinations can be created with the Perfecting Foundations, Concealer, Sun Kissed and Finishing Touch!


Blend Sun Kissed or any Perfecting Foundation with a small amount of water and voila – you have eye shadow! Mix any Perfecting Foundation shade with Perfecting Concealer or Finishing Touch, and the number of possible eye shadow shades actually becomes endless!


As an added bonus, your eyelids will get SPF 25 protection when using Perfecting Foundations and Concealer as eye shadow!


Lip Gloss: Top off the look of summer warmth by mixing Sun Kissed or any Perfecting Foundation/ Concealer with your favorite lip balm for a personalized lip gloss shade made especially for you by you! Your lips are going to gleam from the anti-aging benefits and SPF 25 protection!

Enjoy summer with a perfected glow with CoffeeBerry® Perfecting Minerals! http://www.beautyfresh.co.uktopbrands/priori.html?range=206