Choosing a concealer for underneath the eyes and areas of the face you wish to highlight requires a different set of criteria from a concealer designed to hide blemishes and redness. Ignore thick, heavy and matte finish formulas and look for lightweight, reflective formulas that can be seamlessly blended into the skin. To help you narrow the search, here are my favourite radiance-boosting concealers that could easily find a place in your make-up bag.


Vitage Colour Minerals Perfect & Diffuse

Put all thoughts of powder being heavy and cakey to one side and embrace the sheer beauty of this loose highlighting concealer from Vitage Colour Minerals. It doesn’t add a huge amount of coverage initially but when gradually layered onto the skin it effortlessly perfects problem areas of the face to add a natural luminosity that leaves the skin looking glowing, fresh and youthful. What more could you want?


PRIORI CoffeeBerry Perfecting Concealer SPF25

CoffeeBerry® Perfecting Concealer SPF25 is the perfect product to conceal skin imperfections and visibly perfect the skin. Use as a base for eye shadow helping it to blend easily and last throughout the day without settling into the creases of the eyelids.


Guerlain Precious Light

An artist's brush for a magic glow. Like the foundations, Guerlain's Precious Light contains luxurious Gold Radiance Pigments and the Precious Rejuvenating Complex formula. Precious Light is a travel–friendly brush which awakens the skin's youthfulness and glow, whilst erasing all traces of fatigue and the aggravators of time.