Imagine, while checking yourself in the mirror, you don't have to worry anymore about IF but HOW seductively feminine you look like. No wishful thinking but Wolford reality:

Lingerie and legwear products of the "Shape & Control" line skilfully accentuate feminine curves and they're not only convincing because of top quality materials, perfect fit and outstanding comfort, but also by a wide selection of panties, bodies, slips and slip dresses, as well as legwear. And to perfectly suit your individual requirements, the shape & control range is divided into three distinct control levels LIGHT, MEDIUM and STRONG.

Made for all women who are looking for a slight supporting effect which allows absolute freedom of movement at the same time.

Products with the "second skin" effect - the special material processing results in a more intense shaping.

Make a strong impression with strong shaping products: The functional material offers maximum shape effects for a slimmer body appearance.

Discover Wolford’s “Shape & Control” line and be ready for a completely new body feeling.