Give your complexion a beautiful glow with Crystal Clear Beach Glow Tan Drops, so simple and easy to use, just add a few drops to your favourite Crystal Clear Moisturiser and leave it to develop, the more you add the deeper your tan fake tan will be, it is totally customisable, all thanks to its unique blend of ingredients. Thanks to the tanning agent DHA Plus this face tanner has no odour. A blend of coconut oil moisturises your skin and leaves a subtle glow, whilst a cleaver sugar cane complex helps to deepen the colour of your tan and enables it to last even longer.


  • No odour thanks to tanning agent DHA Plus
  • Coconut Oil leaves your skin hydrated.
  • A Sugar Complex, helps deepen the colour, makes it last even longer.
  • Add more drops to get a deeper tan.



  • Exfoliate with Crystal Clear Crystal Polish before tanning. Focus on dry areas like knees, ankles and elbows. The smoother your skin, the more even your tan will be.


  •  To make sure you don’t end up with tell-tale stains on your palms, or darker hands, simply swipe excess tan from your arms, lightly down onto the back of your hands, then wash palms and in-between fingers immediately.


  • Prolong the length of your tan by keeping skin hydrated in the days after you tan. Use Crystal Clear Velvet Skin to lock in moisture and extend your golden glow.


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