Supercharging your body’s internal batteries just got easier...

‘Skin energy’ is about to become the talking point in beauty. ELEMIS is leading the way with a ground-breaking NEW Elemis Energising Skincare System that’s scientifically proven to increase cell energy and switch the skin back on.

Defining a new product line and menu of treatments, BIOTEC represents a true technological breakthrough that re-boots, revives and returns the skin to a naturally radiant state.

To celebrate BIOTEC’s debut, Beauty Fresh have dedicated the month of April to all things energy, starting with our favourite ways to feel uplifted at lunchtime.

1. Reduce energy robbers: ‘Most people think that caffeine and sugar boost energy when, in fact, they deplete it,’ says Nutritional Expert and longtime ELEMIS fan, Amelia Freer. So skip that cappuccino or biscuit and drink a large glass of water instead. Often tiredness is merely a sign of dehydration.

2. Recharge your body: Natural daylight is essential if we’re to survive the day without slumping. Even if it’s only for 20 minutes, use your lunch break to take a brisk walk outside and perform the following 1-to-2 breathing rule: Inhale slowly as you count the number of seconds, then exhale for double the length of time. Repeat until your breath reaches a comfortable rhythm and your tired-but-wired mind steadies.

3. Re-boot your brain: With the Boost Energy App, free on iTunes. What you’ll hear is soothing music. What you’ll get is a certain type of frequency that helps reset brainwaves, so you feel more refreshed. Download it on your Smartphone and let it provide the soundtrack to your lunchtime walk.

4. Reach for a banana: While caffeine disrupts your electrolyte levels, bananas contain both potassium and calcium to balance blood sugar levels and keep you on an even keel all through the afternoon.

5. Relieve your eyes: In a world powered by digital technology, many of us spend hours on end staring at a computer screen – to the detriment of our ever weary and strained eyes. So download Protect Your Vision software onto your computer and it’ll black out after a certain time period to ensure your eyes get a much-needed rest.


Now switch your skin back on with new, breakthrough BIOTEC technology...

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