The worlds first two-ply waistband that can be individually adapted and personalized to suit the figure

The latest innovation from Wolford is a minor revolution in the legwear industry. Wolfords fall/winter collection 2016/2017 sees the launch of a pair of tights with a waistband that can be completely and individually personalized by the wearer. A specially developed yarn with exceptional stretchiness means that the tights are comfortable all over, not just at the waistband.

Wolford’s research and development team have focused intensively on a very important topic: the waistband and its fit. Women want a waistband that caters for their individual needs, regardless of whether they are short, tall, slim or have a fuller figure. An idea of how to solve this came about quickly and its realization came 24 months later after intensive work, with plenty of creativity and technical expertise.

Wolford has reached a new milestone with its Comfort Cut 40 tights – tights that are designed to fit each individual figure perfectly. Up to four cuts can be made in specifically marked spots to personalize the width of the waistband – it can be done in just a single cut without losing any of the stitching. Every cut is discreetly hidden and each small extension expands the waistband by around a half size, creating an unprecedented feel.

In true-honored Wolford style, such an innovation in terms of comfort and quality requires a new material to fully complete the concept of the perfect fit. The Velvet Light fabric combines an ultra-soft texture, uniform matt look and improved stretchiness of the material in just one yarn – for legwear design on a new level.

Stitch after stitch one milestone after another

As an innovation leader and trendsetter in the industry, Wolford is endlessly coming up with new and bigger ideas. Innovations that keep up with research and development constantly put fashion-conscious women into the limelight. Sensational masterpieces such as PURE tights, the Cotton Contour range and the unique choice of Shape & Control styles are testament to the outstanding expertise of the global brand from Bregenz.


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