What are face masks?

Of course everybody gets the general idea of what a face mask does! We have all at least one face mask and i am guessing that most of us have even tried them. We are all promised from the different facec mask brands that with a single application, our skin woes will all be over, unlocking key to the fountain of Eternal Youth!

This is where our journey usually ends! There are so many different face masks available on the market, it’s often confusing to know where to start. So much so, that people often make their own DIY beauty masks. Just think of the classic cucumber eye pad! Even we’ll admit that it’s cooling, soothing and healing. A few people at Beauty Fresh HQ have been partial to doing this ourselves in the past, with a glass prosecco in hand!

But what we really want to offer you is getting results, many DIY and branded face masks really don’t deliver.

There are a few types of different masks and I want to explain to you what they are each for.

Clay masks are very popular. They can help to draw oil and dirt to the surface of the skin. They normally contain clay or bentonite, which help to tighten and absorb sebum. The only problem is that they can leave the skin irritated and dry-  one to avoid if you have sensitive skin!

Gel/cream masks on the other hand are excellent as they are formulated to hydrate and nourish the skin.

10 Minute Glow  is our easy to use, peel of mask. It’s designed for use on all skin types and really benefits oily and problem skin. Our miracle mask kills 90% of bacteria from its first application, great for combatting acne. We’ve been exotic and included Carica in the ingredients list. It’s a mixture of papaya fruit extract and lemon and whilst sounds like a cocktail, it actually exfoliates the skin to give a fresher complexion!

Our award-winning face mask also includes AC Net, a plant based acid that is anti-inflammatory and regulates sebum secretion. That means reduced redness of your skin and any oily shine. 10 Minute Glow is ideal to use before a big event or a night out as the name suggests – it only takes 10 minutes! It’s also picked praise from the press – just Cosmopolitan and Look magazine to name a few!

If your feeling like a luxury pamper, you can give our Face Lift in a Box a whirl! As the name cleverly suggests, this little gem immediately lifts, firms, and hydrates your skin. In tests, Face Lift in a Box  was clinically proven to reduce wrinkle depth by 26% and reduced wrinkle cells by 40% – you can’t fault those results! Mini Lift Mask is an intensive hydrating and lifting mask which provides all the benefits of a professional salon based treatment in the comfort of your own home.

As you know, we’re obsessed with finding the best ingredients. That’s why we threw in three amazing active key ingredients. Wheat Proteins, which deeply hydrate, soften and rebalance the skin. It also leaves an invisible protective veil which tenses and firms the skin! This is enhanced with Algae Gel active, creating a film of the surface and creating a lifting effect. Finally, we’ve chosen Diatomaceous Earth (no, it’s not a potion!) It’s actually a porous marine algae powder with drawing properties… basically it deep cleases the pores!

10 Minute Glow and Face Lift in a Box face masks work wonders for your skin.  If you’re looking to enhance their amazing results, why not book yourself into your local Crystal Clear salon for one of our famous treatments?