Look into the future and see smooth, radiant hands

Introducing NEW Pro-Radiance Hand and Nail Cream, the latest addition to the Eemis sp@home body anti-ageing category.

Every day we wash our hands multiple times, expose them to hot and cold temperatures internally and externally and yet, often they are neglected when it comes to looking after them daily. This can result in those tell-tale sign of ageing showing - when skin isn’t moisturised it loses its elasticity, gets dry, chapped, dull and wrinkled.

Pro-Radiance Hand and Nail Cream has been specially formulated with a combination of lipid-rich oils including Omega 7, Avellana seed oil, Macademia seed oil, Virgin Plum oil and

Camellia seed oil delivered in a unique silicon-free balm textured cream. It is designed to stay on the skin’s surface and condition at a deeper level, without leaving an ‘oily’ or ‘tacky’ after-feel. Skin is left protected, nourished and smooth and nails look distinctly stronger. The aromatic of white flowers: magnolia and jasmine combine to make this a true delight to use, daily.


Have you done the elasticity test?

Do the elasticity test: simply pull the skin on top of your hand and see how it ‘bounces’ back. If it is quite loose and slow to bounce back it is lacking hydration and has become aged and dry and this is when wrinkles appear. If you want to keep your age a secret then it’s essential that you are using a product specifically targeted for the hands. We formulated the lipid-rich Omega 7 and Virgin Plum Oil to deliver the texture and performance needed and importantly, we wanted to keep it silicon-free so every ingredient delivers an action and the beautiful aromatic of white flowers make this a real joy to use, daily.