I am not mad for tanning,  I love a fair skin and a dark skin equally.  But, it's universally accepted, that after a long winter a small dose of color can really refresh one's look and hide any manner of small skin imperfections

last friday i visited with the lovely ladies of fake bake and got a beautiful spray tan, which must have dispersed just the right amount of color because while no one noticed my tan, many noticed i have a glow.  now that's my kind of tan -- it may be the only time where i think less is more.

though i enjoy that hint of color that applying tanner provides, i'm not a very proficient at-home tanner.  that's why i'm particularly excited about fake bake's new 60 minutes self tan liquid.  most tanners require a several hour wait time to allow the color to fully develop before showering.  during that time i feel increasingly sticky and concerned about my likely uneven application job.  this product minimizes those worries by allowing users to shower just 1 hour after applying.  it also doesn't create quite as deep of a tan as the longer developing products, which i actually prefer.  i'm hoping to play with it a bit more over the next week to achieve my perfect level of glow.