As we are all trying to emerge from the long dark days of winter it is now time to look at how we can prepare our skin for the onset of spring. The cold weather may have caused a few problems so using the right products at this time will re-vitalise and strengthen the skin. Redness can sometimes be an issue at this time of the year as we can be overheated one minute and freezing the next. Tiny capillaries are stressed and sometimes break leaving our skin red. Pressure around the nose area from colds and flu do the same but using Linda Meredith Phyto 4 will strengthen the capillaries and reduce any redness and the amazing fragrance of essential oils relaxes the mind, body and spirit. If the skin is congested Phyto 4 will break down excess sebum during the night but if the skin feels tight just add 2 drops of serum. Hydrating Gel will hydrate and gently exfoliate the skin when used twice a week and by applying a thin layer of collagen under your day cream hydration levels will be replenished ready to begin a New Year. One extra tip to remember throughout the year is that all of the LM treatment creams can be taken across the eye area for extra protection.