Matis Paris uses the best of what science and nature have to offer to create effective yet luxurious skin care products. Designed to nourish, revive and protect the skin, Matis Paris is the perfect way to achieve a younger-looking and more beautiful complexion. A prestigious beauty salon brand renowned internationally, MATIS has been devoting all its expertise to beauty for over 70 years.

Matis hosted the ‘Matis Salon and Therapist of the year Awards’ to honour the greatest skincare products on the market. The glittering ceremony was held at the Marriott Hotel in Marble Arch and was attended by 80+ finalists. Nationwide attendees included salon owners and therapists, official online retailers, skincare specialists and trainers and marketeers. BeautyFresh were proud to be presented from an award winning brand for the ‘Matis Highly Commended Award’ and shortlisted for the ‘Online Retailer of the Year’. Achieving Platinum Status for Matis, BeautyFresh will continue to work together with Matis to retail the professional brand with expert products. Please visit BeautyFresh for your skincare needs with an authorised Matis retailer.


MATIS PARIS product range

Reponse Intensive
The quintessence of the advanced Matis research to fight signs of ageing. The Réponse Intensive line assists all women as of 40 who are sensitive to cosmetic innovations. Combining unique active ingredients in a creamy and generous formulas, the active ingredients and technical formulas give scientifically proven results.


Reponse Premium 

The caviar based line intended to women as of 30 years old. An iconic line, a symbol of elegance and sophistication. Extremely rich in nutritive elements, Caviar extracts helps revitalise cell renewal, helps boost and replenish the skins minerals. High performance, luxury and refinement, a perfect combination, a full line offering daily products that are little cosmetic gems with beneficial properties for the skin.


Reponse Corrective 

The cosmetic alternative to aesthetic medicine. Inspired by cosmetic surgery techniques, RÉPONSE CORRECTIVE, corrects expression lines and signs of ageing - respnoding to the first ageing signs of men and women at the age of 30 years old.


Reponse Jeunesse

A preventive anti-ageing essential line that helps preserve the skins youthful potential and to be less exposed to passing time effects on their face. Intended to women as of 25 years old who wish to preserve and maintain their beauty capital. 

Reponse Delicate
Targeted products for sensitive and delicate skin. A complete range of specific products allowing sensitive and delicate skin to regain balance, comfort and soothed appearance.

Reponse Purete
The pupose of which is to help combination to oily skin-types regain its radiance and purity. Réponse Pureté helps fight against a shinny face, large pores, dull complexion and skin imperfections.


Reponse Vitalite
Brings to overworked, stressed, dull, tired and devitalized skins, vitamins, nutrients and the energy needed to strengthen the power of skin cells and protect them permanently. A large range of expert products which offer pure pleasure within a sparkling citrus scent! Skin cares especifically developed to answer the expectations of manhandled and “exposed to urban life” skin. Those who are looking for radiance, vitality and who need to be recharged with energy.

Reponse Yeux
The line to illuminate the beauty of the eyes. A complete line designed to care for the eye area by visibly reducing wrinkles, puffiness and dark circles. Réponse Yeux is a complete line which targets its specific needs to strengthen, protect and restore the eyes radiance.

Reponse Homme
Men's sensitive skin requires particular attention and dedicated products to meet its specific needs. Réponse Homme gives the assurance of always having a flawless skin thanks to its carefully selected and targeted active ingredients. Among them, the Tiger Grass with impressively restructuring properties. In the line, 8 treatments for face and body, for a clean, soft, and healthy skin.


Reponse Corps
The body is often neglected when compared to all the care we give to our face. However, even if it is less exposed than the face, the body faces numerous perturbation factors: hot and cold temperature variations, air conditioning overuse, sedentary life style, bad dietary practices, circulation troubles and last but not least - hormonal influence! Matis Paris allies technical know-how, efficiency and pleasure by offering 14 targeted cares which meet the essential beauty needs in the body beauty care. A line specially designed for the body, with three objectives, beauty, tone and slimming.


Reponse Soleil

Tanning, Protecting, Hydrating, Enhancing ... When the Sun becomes accustomed. With REPONSE SOLEIL, everyone can sunbathe safely. The entire REPONSE SOLEIL line is characterized by its melting and non-greasy textures with a fruity and vanilla delicate holiday fragrance. With REPONSE SOLEIL, the skin is better protected, tanning is activated and beauty preserved.