Forget your fears of greasiness. An oil is the way to maximise your glow...

Ancient Eastern civilisations may have been harnessing the beautifying powers of oils for centuries, but many of us still shy away from them – fearful that our skin will end up looking shiny and spotty.

Recently though, oils have undergone something of a renaissance as beauty editors everywhere realise that not only is a well-blended oil light and fast absorbing but it’s fantastically effective for cleansing and moisturising.

Here’s 5 reasons why your skin will love them just as much...

1. They’re anti-oxidant powerhouses: As we age, the skin produces less oil – resulting in dryness and more visibly apparent lines. Oils not only hydrate the skin, but as they’re rich in anti-oxidants, they also fight free radical damage to cells – thereby preventing further ageing in the future.

2. The instant plumping effect: Oils love fat. So they pass through the lipid layer of the skin, preventing water loss and creating an immediate plumping action.

3. They have personalities – just like people: One oil doesn’t suit all. In fact, each one has its own distinctive properties and powers. Argan oil has an instant “lifting” effect. Neem oil is anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory. Winter Rose oil is rich in Omega-9 and maintains the skin’s natural moisture barrier. So there really is an oil for everyone and every skin type.

4. They combat acne: It may sound counterintuitive to add oil to spots, but acne is actually often caused by bacteria – rather than excess sebum. With their anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial properties, oils can help purify and rebalance acne-prone skin.

5. They’re multipurpose: Oils truly are the hard workers of beauty. Apply them to a bare, cleansed face – or mix a drop or two into your moisturiser for an extra, hydrating boost. You can use them on dry cuticles and elbows. Slick them through wet hair as a leave-in conditioner. Or even tap a tiny amount onto your cheekbones to highlight, contour and add luminosity.


We’ve taken natural oils such as White Rose Oil, Moringa Oil and Japanese Camellia Oil and harnessed their powers with the latest science in the below products. We promise you’ll be a convert for life.

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