We’re now into September. Just where does the summer go?! Its flown by for us here at Beauty Fresh!

Gone are the long summer nights, the impromptu BBQs and casual trips to buy yet more ice lollies! But whilst we have to say goodbye to these things, one thing we certainly don’t have to say goodbye to is our tans!

“But how?” you ask…

With some simple steps, you can prolong your beautiful glow and brighten up the coming autumn months.


Yes, surprisingly, exfoliating your skin will help your colour to fade evenly. This means no odd tan marks or patches, which keeps you looking more golden then you would otherwise. Use Crystal Clear Oxygen Face Polish, which can be used all over the body, not just the face! It uses freeze dried jojoba to give a gentle scrub, whilst soothing and hydrating skin. It won’t scrub your colour off, just keep it looking flawless and fresh. Perfect after a season of sun worshipping!

Keep Skin Hydrated

Hydration is the key to great looking skin and a long lasting tan. If your skin is hydrated, it won’t get dry and shed as a dead skin cell (yukky but true), so your tan just keeps on going. That means hydrating  inside and out, so as well as making sure you’re drinking lots of water, boost skins moisture levels after a summer of sunshine. Use a nourishing moisturiser like Crystal Clear Velvet Skin which has ingredients such as Norgel which helps to lock in moisture and Oxygen Complex which works to restore your skin vitality.