Do you always have a spring in your step when the sun is shining? We certainly do here at Beauty Fresh HQ and (thankfully) summer is beginning to show it’s beautiful face.

This means that the days are getting longer, hemlines are getting shorter, and more skin is on show. (If the thought of this makes you shiver with fear, then don’t worry and read on!)

Summer skincare needs naturally radiant, beautifully conditioned skin from head-to-toe. Beauty Fresh are here to help with a range of cleansing brushes that they have on offer. Have you tried the Magnitone range? Magnitone Barefaced is for skin that deserves to go BareFaced! Wherever, whenever, this Daily Cleansing Brush will work some good vibrations to beautifully condition skin and take the ‘dare’ out of going Bare! Alternatively the Magnitone The Full Monty Vibra provides a pore-penetrating action, revealing a smoother, refined texture.

Have you tried the Clarisonic SMART Profile Facial Cleansing System - an All-in-One Cleansing Device for face and body or the Crystal Clear Ionic Sonic Cleanse Kit which offers a microdermabrasion effect that leaves skin clean, smoothed and hydrated in two simple steps

Nothing beats that post-holiday glow that makes you the envy of your office, but we must also be careful and protect our skin over the summer months from harmful UV rays.

Check out our Summer Skincare Commandments to keep your skin protected, healthy and in tip-top condition all summer long.

Here’s to a summer that never ends…

1) Thou shalt nourish thy skin, thy body and thy soul

2) Thou shalt cleanse away excess oils and pollution to let thy summer skin breathe

3) Thou shalt embrace thy natural skin and thy freckles

4) Thou shalt gently exfoliate to whisk away dry patches and rejuvenate thy skin (and avoid fake tan disasters)

5) Thou shalt protect thy skin from sun damage and worship thy SPF

6) If there is music playing- thou shalt dance

7) Thou shalt remove thy make-up every night, regardless of how late the Samba Soiree goes on

8) Thou shalt fake it, not bake it

9) Thou shalt feel empowered to bare thy naturally radiant and beautifully conditioned summer skin

10) Thou shalt unleash thy cleansing brush - Clarisonic, Crystal Clear, Magnitone