If you’re nervous of fake tanning your face, warm up your makeup with the addition of a bronzer.

Luxury brand Guerlain are renowned for their bronzers, with their signature Terracotta Bronzer being a bestseller for the brand since its introduction in 1984. As such, Guerlain International Creative director, Olivier Echaudemaison, knows a thing or two about the best application methods and advises, “the secret to obtain a very natural sunkissed look is to apply Terracotta bronzing powders on the areas of the face that are naturally hit by the sun, i.e. the top of the cheekbones, the dimple of the chin and the curves of the forehead.” This summer, look out for Guerlain Terra Soleia Tan Enhancing Bronzer, £36.99 from beauty fresh.com (RRP £44); a special collectors’ edition of the classic.


Keep your summer tan looking radiant with the sublime Guerlain Terracotta Terra Soleia Bronzing Powder, a luxurious compact. This voluptuous powder enhances the tan with an evanescent veil of light, like the caress of the sun that warms the skin. The scents of sun-kissed flowers like a moment of escape in the shade of the trade winds. The very large palette is ideal for illuminating your tan at the end of summer. Formulated for both the face and the body with a metallic gold shimmer. The pearlescent bronzing shade creates a 3D glow while a touch of golden spray over the top laces the skin with subtle metallic shimmer. Say goodbye to overly iridescent effects, a finish reminiscent of gold lame dresses. This unique golden shade adds a shimmer to any tan.


Packaged in the iconic Guerlain Terracotta tortoiseshell compact and adorned with a radiant sunny pattern, the Terra Soleia compact is the perfect antidote to the waning summer sun.

To illuminate your tan, swirl a brush over the bronzing powder and apply wherever the sun would naturally hit the face and body. Apply Terra Soleia to face, shoulders, neck and décolletage to enhance any tan with a subtle yet shimmery effect.


Buy yours bronzer today from Beauty-enhanement for only £36.99 (RRP £44)