What are toxins?

Toxins can be any kind of substances that have a harmful effect on the body.
- Smoking, alcohol, processed foods, caffeine, carbonated drinks
- Medication, artificial sweeteners, red meat, air pollution, hairspray
Red Meat can take up to 9 weeks to digest

A toxin is encased in fat, trapped. The M & M effect, the chocolate is the toxin, and the crispy shell on the outside is the... toxin – both needs to be broken down. In some people they can hold over 10 pounds & more, unhealthy toxic waste!

The Human Body can only take so many toxins and unfortunately, the body isn’t able to break down a great amount of toxins.

Where do we store toxins?

- Women - Thighs, buttocks, upper arms, stomach, calves.
- Men - Stomach, beer bellies!

Women’s bodies are made up of 20% more fat than men who tend to only store in abs area, men generally don’t get cellulite reason being,
- MEN store fat below the muscle, WOMEN store fat above the muscle
- Connective tissue in men & women is of a different formation (men thicker skin)
- Hormones, affect the number of fat cells that are developed during puberty
- Women’s hormones leads to fluid retention (then toxin build up)

What happens when we get a build up of toxins?

A build up of toxins will lead to intolerance, allergies & ill health. People who harbour toxic waste could have side effects including:
- Feelings of fatigue & lethargy
- Water retention - Insomnia
- Digestive disorders - Constipation
- Headaches - Brittle nails
- Joint pains - Skin breakouts
- Bad breath - Excess weight
- Poor memory - Cellulite
- Depression - Slow metabolic rate

All this has been medically proven, also more seriously, scientific evidence has shown that Cancer can be caused by too many toxins built up in the body; they are currently running trials and tests for more evidence.

As we get older our metabolism slows down. Have you noticed you can’t shrug off illness as quick as you could 20 years ago, also a wound won’t heal as quick as it would on a 5 year old. With age metabolism & circulation slows down.

Detox diets, detox drinks and powders will only give short-term results; this is by starving the body for a series of days.

When cleansing the body of toxins it is important to:
- Body Brush daily
- Relax
- Eat a well Balanced diet
- Exercise 2 – 3 times a week
- Reduce salt intake
- Avoid alcohol, sugar, fried foods, dairy, caffeine
- Drink 2litres of water per day

8 Reasons to drink more Water
- Flushes the Kidneys and Liver
- Keep energy levels up
- Relieves Constipation
- Reduces development of headaches
- Makes your Immune System work effectively
- Keeps your brain active
- Controls body temperature and eliminate toxins by sweating
- Reduces feelings of hunger

Therapies & holistic treatments will also assist detoxifying the body:
- Thalassotherapy (Hydrotherapy, Seawater & Seaweed Treatments)
- Sauna & Steam
- Massage, Reflexology, Shiatsu, all forms of massage
- Platinum detox foot spa
- Exercise/Yoga/Meditation