A natural alternative to Botox

In an age where ‘organic’ is the buzz word everyone is looking for – it’s becoming more and more disconcerting to regularly inject a toxin into one’s face. Indeed, despite the push for youthful looking skin, good alternatives to everyone’s favourite Botulism Toxin, are most certainly on the rise.

Along those lines, celebrity facialist and skincare expert Linda Meredith has created something rather extraordinary. Voted ‘the best alternative to Botox’ by Tatler Magazine, VTOX is quite simply, the Queen of No-Tox Botox.

Effectively using neuro-peptides and natural algae to surround the muscles with proteins and to block the skin contracting, VTOX is a complete game changer. Linda told me: “Researching through the thousands of ingredients available, I found that the most effective botanical was Algae Extract. Combined with other natural ingredients, the skin will appear more youthful and relaxing without looking frozen in time.”

A toxin-free treatment with staying power, VTOX works by gently helping the skin avoid conforming to expression lines when the muscles contract. The key words here are ‘gently’’ and ‘natural’. It’s like Botox without the poison or freeze.

Sold online as a stand alone lotion, or as part of a professional facial treatment, VTOX is hugely popular amongst the women who frequent Linda’s luxurious Knightsbridge salon – whether pregnant, breast feeding, or just looking for smoother skin in a natural way.

A skin care expert for more than 40 years, Linda developed VTOX after a storied career of taking care of some of the world’s most beautiful and famous faces. Madonna, Gwyneth Paltrow, Kate Moss, Stella McCartney, Kate Beckinsale and Sienna Miller have all been clients.

Linda said: “Unsurprisingly, staying young and beautiful for as long as possible is on every woman’s wish list. Medical professionals continue to develop treatments deemed ‘cosmetic’, some of which are certainly beneficial, but others put pressure on women to have procedures they are not totally comfortable with. The first buzz word was of course ‘BOTOX’ but not all women want to be injected with a poisonous toxin.”

She added: “When developing my own range of skin care products one of my priorities was to have an effective option for those women looking for a Botox alternative including those pregnant or breast feeling who had to refrain from their usual Botox fix.”

VTOX retails for £91.99 which can be found at Beauty Fresh